October 22, 2020

PUTTING TIPS: Locked-In Putting System

You can lower your handicap and your golf scores beyond your imagination if only -

You Can Learn To Lock-In A
Perfect Putting Stroke

Hi, I’m Gordon Jackson, author of such golf instructional books as How Golf Works,  How To Lock-In A Perfect Golf Swing and  How To Hit A Golf Ball As Straight-As-An-Arrow , as well as the following golf putting videos.

You may already be familiar with some of my techniques to hit a golf ball as straight-as-an-arrow. After more than 10 years of research and thousands of experiments, I have been blessed to have designed, developed and perfected more than 100 techniques to hit a golf ball as straight-as-an-arrow, one golf shot after another. Seventy of these Straight-as-an-Arrow and Too Simple To Be Golf Techniques are featured on my lockedingolf.com website.

What you may not know, however, is that I recently have designed, developed and perfected techniques to lock in an ideal putting stroke which have been incorporated onto some golf putting videos. If you truly want to lower your golf scores and improve your golf game you must be able to sink your putts in regulation or better because

Putting Accounts For Approximately
40 Percent Of Your Golf Scores

Although putting accounts for 40 percent of golf scores on the average, far too many golfers spend less time practicing putting than any part of their game. They much more enjoy the sound and feel of the ball coming off their clubfaces. One of the main reasons why golfers are reluctant to spend much practice time on their putting is the variance in green speeds from one golf course to another and also the difficulty of adapting to different slopes and grain of one golf course to another.

However, once you learn how to lock-in a perfect putting stroke, you automatically can adapt to different green speeds, slopes and grain. It all is a matter of positioning the sweet spot of your putter blade on your aim line directly behind your ball, choking up or down on your putter handle to correspond with the speed of the green, determining your reference point on how much to take your putter blade back in your putting stroke and then locking-in your left elbow to your rib cage for short putts, your right elbow to your rib cage for longer putts, and then swing the putter blade back to the respective reference point and back through the ball.

Once you are able to determine your aim line, the speed of the green, how much to choke up or down on our putter blade and the reference point to swing your putter on your back stroke, it then becomes a matter of keeping your head steady, your body still and execute the putt. When you learn my locked-in putting techniques

You Should Be Able To Putt Your Ball
Within Inches Of The Cup, If Not Into
The Cup, Even On Your Longest Putts

My locked-in putting techniques take the distance factor out of the equation because the putter blade is only going to be stroked back to the reference point that corresponds to the green speed and no more. Therefore, when the putting stroke is executed correctly in keeping with the reference point the ball will roll that exact distance each time. The only thing remaining is to determine the slope and grain of the green and adjust your aim line to the slope and grain.

Although slope and grain can appreciably affect your putt the most important determinant of a putt is the distance factor, particularly on longer putts. When the locked-in putting techniques are properly executed there is no longer any reason to try to adjust for distance during the putting stroke. The ball will roll the precise distance desired as long as the respective elbow is locked-in to the rib cage, the hands are choked up or down according to the distance desired and the putter blade is stroked back to the reference point and no more. Everything else is automatic relative to the distance challenge.

The Locked-In Putting Techniques Work Like
A Door On A Hinge That Opens And Closes
Squarely To The Door Frame Each Time

As long as the frame is not moved during the putting stroke, the putter blade will return squarely to the ball to roll the ball to the precise distance in keeping with how much the hands are choked up or down on the putter handle and where the reference points are set relative to each distance of the putt desired. This “door frame” is moved, however, if the head or torso is moved, or if the shoulders or knees are flexed up or down during the putting stroke.

This “door frame” is also moved if the respective elbow does not remain connected to the rib cage during the putting stroke. Nevertheless, once you learn the locked-in putting techniques it is not difficult to keep your head and body stable and your respective elbow locked into your rib cage during the putting stoke. Neither is it difficult to stroke your putter blade back only to the reference point consistent with the green speed, slope and grain.

There are two different locked-in putting techniques; one for short putts in which the left elbow is locked-in to the rib cage and the other for longer putts in which the right elbow is locked-in to the rib cage. The challenge is to lock them into the rib cage in a specific manner at the proper stage of the pre-putting procedure.

A more challenging part of the locked-in techniques is to establish some reference point as to how far to take the putter blade back in the putting stroke that is consistent with the distance you want your putt to roll in order for your putt to end up within inches of the cup, if not into the cup.

My Personal Goal Is For My Putt To Roll
Within Two Feet Of The Cup, If Not Into
The Cup, Even With The Longest Of Putts

You will never guess the reference points I use to determine how far back to take my putter blade in order to roll my putts to a precise distance depending on the speed, slope and grain of the respective green.

Although it has taken me several years and tons of experiment to design, develop and perfect the Locked-In Short Putt TechniqueTM and Locked-In Long Putt TechniqueTM you will be able to learn them in less than 15 minutes each once you have the instructions from these golf putting videos.

For the first time ever the instructions to perform the Locked-In Short Putt TechniqueTM and the Locked-In Long Putt TechniqueTM are now available in DVDs for only $27.95 each.

You cannot imagine how much your game will improve when you are able to roll each of your putts within inches of the cup, if not into it. Here are just a few of the benefits you can expect once you learn how to perform the locked-in techniques.

  • You will know precisely how far each of your putts will roll.

  • You will be able to lock-in the precise reference point to swing your putter blade back for each putt.

  • You will be able to eliminate the “yips” from your putting stroke forever.

  • You can expect to hole every putt within 10 feet of the cup.

  • You can expect more birdies than you could ever imagine.

  • You can expect to lower your scores by at least 6 or 7 strokes per round.

  • You will learn to read greens better than ever before.

  • You can expect for your ball to roll within two feet of the cup even with your longest and most difficult putts.

  • You will enjoy practicing putting like never before.

  • You will be the envy of your foursome because of your putting skills.

  • You will be able to save par even on a difficult hole because of putting ability.

  • You will enjoy golf like never before because of your confidence in putting.

  • Yes, once you learn how to perform the locked-in putting techniques you can expect your handicap to plummet and your game to improve beyond comprehension.

For less than the costs of green fees and a cart at any decent golf course you can have the instructions to perform the Locked-In Short Putt TechniqueTM and the Locked-In Long Putt TechniqueTM in your hands within just a few days. Then within minutes you will be on your way to the best putting days of your life. While others in your group are spending wasteful time in attempting to figure out their putts you will already know precisely how far up or down to choke your putter handle, the exact reference point to take your putter blade back, how to lock-in your respective elbow to your rib cage and how to execute your putting stroke to roll you ball within inches of the cup, if not into it.


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Sincerely yours,

Gordon Jackson

P.S. If you want to truly improve your putting I urge you not to delay your purchase of these locked-in putting DVDs. It truly will improve your game like nothing else. If you are like me and getting a little age on you and unable to bomb your drives 300 yards like some of the pros you can make up a lot of difference by becoming a skilled putter.

If you suffer from the “yips” there is only one solution. Take your hands out of play and lock-in a putting stroke with your arm and allow your wrists to function only in a passive way. This is exactly what the locked-in putting techniques do. These techniques simply prevent and eliminate the “yips” from your putting stroke.

What is equally important to you is that

You Have Nothing To Risk

This is correct. You have absolutely nothing to risk in the purchase of these DVDs. Here is the deal. If you are not able to putt better than ever before by following the instructions in these DVDs, you may return them to me within 30 days and I will refund your money with no questions

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