November 26, 2020

Best Golf Swing Instructions: How To Stop Coming Over The Top

golf swing instructionsOne of the best golf swing instructions is to understand what causes a golfer to come “over the top” during his or her downswing.

The reason why this is one of the best golf swing instructions is that an “over the top” downswing can produce some rather ugly golf shots.

An “over the top” golf shot is caused by an out-to-in path of the club face during the impact zone of the downswing.

Coming “over the top” during the downswing typically produces one of three possible golf shots.

It most likely will produce a slice golf shot in that an open club face will contact the ball on an out-to-in path across the shoulder line. This assumes  there is enough club head speed to cause the ball to curve back to the outside of the shoulder line. If there is insufficient club head speed, the ball simply will fly to the inside of the shoulder line in a pulled configuration.

Secondly, an “over the top” downswing can produce a pull golf shot if the club is closed when it contacts the ball on an out-to-in path across the shoulder line.

Thirdly, and much worse, an “over the top” downswing can produce a pulled-hook golf shot if an extremely closed club face contacts the ball on a  very pronounced out-to-in path across the shoulders.

None of these golf shots are very favorable unless intended.

Many golfers who habitually come “over the top” ask the same question as was posed in a recent article.

“My golf swing has gotten steep and I do not know how to fix it. I am cutting across the ball resulting in weak slices from an open face or pulls when i get the face square. The steep swing works great for a fade but thats the only shot i have. I just cannot get the swing path to move from inside to out. This is really frustrating. Any drills that can help fix this?” Read more…

The solution to curing an “over the top” golf swing or, swinging too steeply as expressed in the article, is not through some kind of drill.

The solution is to learn how to hit straight golf shots.

In order to hit straight golf shots you must have a square club face established at final address to the ball and execute a golf swing free from any manipulation to re-route the club face off its pre-swing alignment or, attempt to manipulate the club during the swing in an effort to square the club face to the ball by the time it contacts the ball.

The latter is most difficult to accomplish; the former is not.

The best way to establish and lock-in a square club face alignment is to perform one of the techniques discussed at

Once you lock-in a square alignment of the club face –which incidentally and correspondingly locks-in an on line swing path of the club face–you merely need to complete your setup routine as instructed, keep your left heel firmly planted, maintain eye contact with the ball and execute a simple golf swing free from any manipulation.

You club face will contact your ball squarely on a swing path that will match your shoulder line and you will hit your golf ball striaght.

You will cure your habit of swinging too steeply and “coming over the top”  forever.

You also will experience why this information is one of the best golf swing instructions to be found anywhere.

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