August 6, 2020

Improve Your Golf Game: Simply Improve Your Putting

golf swing instructionsIf you want to improve your golf game, the quickest and easiest way to do so is to improve your putting.

The reason why the fastest and easiest way to improve your golf game is to improve your putting is that 40 percent of  most golfers’ golf scores derive from the putting part of the game.

More importantly is the reality that it is much easier to improve your putting than to improve your golf swing.

Irrespective of the golf swing instructions very few golfers improve the swing part of the game after playing for a couple of years.

On the other hand, you easily can improve the putting part of the game forever.

The difficulty of improving the golf swing is that most golfers rely on the muscle memory golf method.

The muscle memory approach is most unreliable because even if your muscles repeat the same swing each time, there is no assurance you will hit straight golf shots.

Most muscle memory teachers do not know this anatomical fact: once you grip a golf club with either an overlapping, interlocking or baseball style of grip, any body movement thereafter will rotate the alignment and path of the club face to a different ball flight.

Considering that most golfers make several movements of the body after gripping the club, such as moving nearer or further from the ball, flaring one or both feet, widening or narrowing the stance, raising or lowering their shoulders, etc., a slice ball flight alignment may exist at final address in one instance and a hook ball flight alignment may exist at final address in another.

This is the reason why a golfer will slice the ball in one instance and hook the ball in the next when swinging the club exactly the same way each time.

Although the Locked-In Golf System™ locks-in a straight ball flight alignment and prevents a change in the alignment and path of the club face thereafter, there are millions of golfers who are yet unaware of this revolutionary system.

Fortunately, the muscle memory approach is not very applicable to the putting part of golf and thus much easier to master.

A recent article covered some golf swing tips to improve your putting. Here is a portion of this article:

“The comfortable fact is that perfecting your putting is the simplest way you can squarely shaving off one or two strokes from your spectator sport. This is by far the easiest way you can trial your golf game – without the decrease of having to go to the golf game curriculum. All you truly stipulation is your putter, a ball, near mats and cups to imitate the open space. Place the mats and cups in your yard or somewhere you have extraterrestrial and distant you go. Just spend anywhere from 5 transactions to half-an-hour all eventide after tea and you will concentration the grades in your spectator sport.” Read more…

If most golfers would spend just as much as one-half of their practice time putting as spent swinging the club on the practice range they could shave several strokes off their typical score in just a short period of time.

Once you know how to truly read a putt, learn how to identify the true line of the putt and master how far to take the club during the back stroke for each distance from the ball to the cup, you should definitely improve your golf game, like almost overnight.

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