November 26, 2020

Golf Putting Tips: Concentrate More On Distance For Longer Putts

best golf swing instructionsOne of the very best golf putting tips is to concentrate more on distance when rolling long putts.

The reason why this is one of the best golf putting tips is that it is difficult for the typical recreational and weekend golfers to hole long putts.

This means if they concentrate only on the line in trying to hole the putt rather than focusing on the pace of the putt, they are likely to come up very short of the hole or roll their putt well past it.

One recent article suggests you should just focus on distance when a putt is more than four paces. Here is a portion of the article on these golf putting instructions.

“One basic rule I have golfers follow is that if you are outside four paces from the hole, just go for a two putt. Work on your distance control. Three-putting is caused by poor distance control on the first putt and by bad green reading or a combination of both. Most putting greens are relatively flat, whereas greens on the golf course have much more slope.” Read more…

Quite frankly, I feel you should concentrate on the line of the putt as well as the pace of the putt, even on long putts.

However, to focus so much on the line and ignore the distance factor on longer putts is a recipe for disaster. If you have a realistic chance of winding up with a two-putt from a long distance from the cup, why take the chance of winding up with a four-putt by not paying adequate attention to the pace of the putt.

Concentrate on the pace of longer putts and you will improve your golf gameand lower your golf scores. You also should agree the above may be the best golf putting tips anywhere to be found.

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