October 22, 2020

Golf Putting Instructions: Never One-Hand Another Putt

 One of the best golf putting tips is to never ever one-hand or back-hand another putt.

Never one-hand another putt has to be one of the best golf putting tips ever uttered.

Golfers tend to assume they cannot miss a putt when their ball is but a few inches of the cup. Frequently they will try to one-hand or backhand the ball into the cup and end up with a three putt or more rather than in  regulation.This not only occurs with amateurs but also with professional golfers.

Take, for example, the putt  Stewart Sink  missed a few years ago in the U.S. Open  when he felt he had lost the tournament to Retief Goosen.  Because he felt he was out of the tournament after missing a rather makeable putt,  he simply one-handed his next putt and missed it as well. Ironically, Retief Goosen  missed his very makeable putt also  but,  unlike Sink,  he  took his time on his follow-up putt, addressed his putt correctly and stroked it into the cup in order ot get into the  playoff with Mark Brooks the next day.

Had Sink taken his time, gone through his regular routine and stroked the putt normally he would have had no trouble making the putt that  would have put him into the next day’s playoff. He may not have won the playoff  but he would have  had a shot at it, at least.  Incidentally, Sink was one of the best putters on the tour at that time.

How many other professionals have taken themselves out of tournaments  simply because they did not follow their putting routine and tried to backhand or one-hand a short putt into the cup? John Daly easily comes to mind.

A one-handed  or backhanded putt is dangerous from the gitgo simply because the putter blade is rarely square to the cup. Even when it is square to the cup when one-handing or backhanding a putt the body is not aligned proprly on the aim line to stroke the putt squarely into the center of the cup.

Whether in tournament play or just a fun round of golf with friends, you should always go through your regular putting routine even if the ball is within a few inches of the cup. You will be glad you did. This truly is one of  the best golf putting tips ever.

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