November 26, 2020

Golf Putting Tips: Use A Carpenter’s Level In Your Practice Rounds

very best golf swing lessons instructionOn of my favorite golf putting tips is to slip a miniaturized carpenter’s level into my bag and use it during my practice rounds on courses I regularly play.

The reason why this is one of my favorite golf putting tips is a carpenter’s level will provide you with the precise slope at any spot of a green.

It takes out the guessing-game about not only how a certain part of a green slopes to the left or right of the ball-to-cup line but also the degree of the slope.

I am not recommending the use of a normal size carpenter’s level for this purpose but merely a miniaturized one that is inexpensive and available at dollar type stores.

You also should have a pocket pad with you to record the slope and the degree of such slope at varies points of each green, especially on your home course and others courses you play frequently when using this golf technique.

Obviously, you must limit the use of a carpenter’s level to read greens to your practice rounds.

You most likely will  be surprised when you actually see the results of using a carpenter’s level to read greens because of the difficulty of reading greens the normal way.

How many times have you read a green and the ball rolled in the direction  of what you had predicted?

In terms of using a carpenter’s level at the hole location, you actually should place it directly over the cup and see if it validates your prediction of how the green slopes at such spot..

Likewise, you should predict in which direction the green slopes at other areas of a green and then use the level to determine whether your prediction was accurate.

Using this technique should improve your overall ability to read greens without the benefit of a carpenter’s level.

Please understand that the use of a carpenter’s level will not aid you in determining how quickly or slowly your ball will roll at different areas of a green.

However, it will give you the most accurate feedback regarding the slope, and degree of the slope, at any place on a green.

Give this technique a try and see if it does not become one of your favorite golf putting tips.

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