October 22, 2020

Golf Putting Tips: Standardize The Length Of Your Back Stroke When Putting

best golf swing tipOne of the better golf putting tips is to standardize the length of your putting back stroke to roll your ball to a precise distance..

The reason why this is one of the better golf putting tips is that if you know how far to take your putter head during your back stroke to roll the ball to  specific distances, you will improve your golf game and lower your scores.

You must, however, be able to adjust for various conditions.

For example, if you have concluded  you must take the putter head back precisely 4 inches to roll the ball four feet on a level surface, you would not be able to do so when faced with a down hill or up hill putt of the same distance.

This means you likewise would need to determine how far to take your putter head back when facing a four foot down hill putt,with all other conditions being equal. You would also need to standardize how far to take the putter head back when facing a four foot up hill putt, with all other factors being the same.

Indeed, to perform these golf putting instructions, you should mentally record all such measurements in terms of how many inches of back stroke equals precisely so many feet of roll on level terrain and then extrapolate the up hill and down hill measurements from such information.

One thing to keep in mind when perfecting this golf method for putting is the degree of force during the back stroke and forward stroke of the putter should be consistent, as discussed in a recent article, as noted below:

“Once you have learned the basics of the stroke and reading greens, the next of the golf putting tips is to adjust the length of your stroke to match putts of different distances. Leaving long range putts short of the hole puts a lot of pressure on your putting. If you can develop a good feel for distance, you will notice an immediate improvement in your scoring. The most effective way to vary the distance you hit the ball is to either lengthen or shorten your putting stroke, not to attempt to hit the ball harder or more softly.”

The full article appears at perfectgolfswingprotips.com/putting-tips/golf-putting-tips-for-a-proper-golf-swing/.

When standardizing the inches of back stroke to roll the ball a specific distance, remember to apply the same amount of force during the back stroke and during the  forward stroke  each time. Otherwise, the system will be flawed.

When you perfect this system, you should agree it to be one of the best golf putting tips around.

If you think this golf method of putting will be helpful in improving your game and lowering your golf scores, simply click on “likes.”  driving your golf ball straighter



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