October 22, 2020

Golf Putting Instructions: Every Putt Is A Save Par

golf putting instructionsOne of the best golf putting instructions is to appreciate that every putt should be thought of as a save par putt.

Here is why one of the best golf putting instructions is to look at every putt as a save par putt.

How many times have you had to make a very long putt just in order to save par,  perhaps to win a hole or an entire tournament?

We all have.

In such a situation, we typically will draw upon the best golf putting tips to which we have ever been exposed

For example, we will study the green very carefully. We will check in which way the grass is growing between our ball and the cup.

We patiently will study the slope of the green between our ball and the cup.

We may even plump-bob the putt from our ball to the cup and from the cup to our ball.

Most likely we will view the area around the hole location for any spike or ball marks as well as any other types of impediments.

The point is that when we absolutely must hole a putt to save par and win a hole or tournament we will do everything possibe to ensure we have the best opportunity of striking our ball dead straight into the middle of the cup.

This of course includes the actual stroke of the putt. We will ensure our putter head is squarely centered behind our ball on the correct line and then keep our head absolutely still during the puttting stroke.

We may even try to “will”  the ball to fall into the cup.

Yet, when we have the same conditions  for a birdie putt  we  forget to follow the same steps in our pre-stroke routine.

 Subconsciously, we know that even if we miss the putt it should end up near the hole location  for an easy par.

Unless match play, every putt  typically counts the same  at the end of the round.  Therefore, to really improve your golf game and lower your  scores you should think of every putt as a save par putt.

You should go through the same routine each and every time whether trying to birdie the hole, save par or even save a bogie.

One way to really improve your putting is to lock-in a perfect putting stroke by using a Locked-In Putting System™.

This entails locking in the left elbow to the left rib cage for short putts and locking in the right elbow to the right rib cage for longer putts.

More information about the Locked-In Putting System™ can be found athttp://lockedinputting.com.

Otherwise, simply rely on the best golf putting instructions you have ever received and think of every putt as a save par putt.

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