August 6, 2020

Golf Putting Instructions: Establish A Consistent Routine

how to hit your golf ball dead straightWhen it comes to golf putting instructions, establishing a consistent putting routine has to be at the top of the list.

The reason why establishing a standard putting routine is at the top of the list when it comes to golf putting instructions is that without a consistent routine it is difficult to be totally committed to the putt.

If you want to hit your putt dead straight into the cup you must be committed to your aim line and the pace of your putt.

You may have heard of the golf putting tip that it is better to be convinced than to be correct when putting.

This golf tip means a couple of things.

One, your first impression in terms of the line and pace of the putt is probably more accurate than your second one, just like in taking a multiple choice exam in sckool.

Two, it means that if you are convinced as to the line and pace of the putt, whether a short or long putt, you will be more committed to them than if you start to second-guess which line and pace of the putt is correct.

A recent article addressed the importance of establishing a consistent routine in terms of putting. Here is part of the article:

 “Develop a very strong routine, which you stick to every time. If you break or miss any of the steps, START OVER!!! Putting is a game of confidence and knowing you have done everything correctly will give you that confidence you need to hole more putts. Do everything the same down to the number of practice strokes.” Read more…

If you observe professional golfers you will note that almost each one has a specific routine they go through before putting.

If you likewise have a standard routine it will improve your golf game as well.

Yes, some like Jim Furyk  will take a considerable amount of time in their pre-stroke putting routine but they go through the same exact steps each time.

It is not whether the routine is more time consuming or not, it is all about doing it the same way each time.

How often have you seen professional golfers question their line and pace and get out of their routine?

In the majority of the time in such instances they fail to stroke their putt into the cup.

My personal putting routine consists of the following.

I first inspect the putt from the back of the ball to the cup to get an overall perspective of the slope, if any, and in which way the grass is growing.

I then go to the far side of the cup and, while facing the ball, conduct my Locked-Elbows Test™ to determine the line of the putt.

The Locked-Elbows Test™ consists of  gripping the metal part of the putter shaft in a horizontal manner and then straddling the cup without stepping on any one’s line, including their through line. I then place the shaft of my putter directly over the putting cup and lock my elbow joints and knee joints.

The direction in which the putter shaft leans, if at all, will indicate the slope of the green, at least in the area of the hole.

I then step off the paces from the hole to the ball and conduct the Locked-Elbows Test™ at the location of the ball.

Next, I conduct the Locked-elbows Test™ by straddling  the ball to determine if there is any slope in that area.

Next, taking in consideration  any slope in the area of the cup combined with any slope in the area of the ball I determine the overall line of the putt.

I then center the sweet spot of my putter head directly behind the ball on my aim line, the line on which I want my ball to roll initially, and stroke the ball with enough force to roll my putt to the hole.

So please remember that irrespective of the steps you take in your pre-stroke  routine, the best golf putting instructions is to do it the same way each time.

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