October 22, 2020

Golf Putting Lessons: Moisture On Greens Affect Your Putt

golf putting tipsOne of the best golf putting lessons is to check for moisture on putting surfaces before stroking your putt.

You may be surprised how moisture on a  green will impact the pace and line of a putt. As a result of a dampened green, whether caused by watering or a recent rain, you should evaluate the situation before beginning your putting stroke.

You should begin by looking into the cup.  This is an ideal golf putting tip because if there is  water in the bottom of the cup, it will indicate a fresh re-watering or some recent rainfall.

Depending on the amount of water in the cup and how well the cup drains, you should adjust the length of  your  putting stroke correspondingly for different distances between your ball and the hole location.

For example, if you typically move your putter head three inches back  from your ball  on your putting stroke for a 12 foot putt on a dry surface, you should experiment on how much more you should move your putter head from your ball on your backstroke if the surface of the green is damp from a fresh re-watering or a recent rainfall.

You may even want to refine the process by determining whether the moisture on the surface of the green is light, moderate or heavy and judge the amount of your backstroke accordingly.

For instance, if the moisture is extremely heavy you would need to analyze how much more you would need to move your putter head from the ball on your backstroke for a specific distance to the cup  in comparison with a backstroke for only light moisture for the same distance.

Keep in mind also, you should analyze whether the putt is downhill, sidehill, uphill or on a level surface.

This definitely will improve your golf and lower your golf scores.

You also should make adjustments for each elevation differential when using these golf  putting lessons.

Experiment by practicing your putting on different degrees of moisture on  a variety of greens on your course and see how much your putting  will improve.

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