October 22, 2020

Best Golf Lessons: Lock-In Your Short Putts

very best golf swing instructionsOne of the best golf lessons is to learn how to lock-in short putts

The reason why locking-in short putts is one of the best golf lessons is that it provides an opportunity to hole any putt within 8 feet of the cup.  

Most tour players are able to make ninety percent or more of their short putts. You can do even better by locking-in your short putts and stroking them dead straight  into the cup.

If you spent as much time practicing your putting you too probably would be able to make a high percentage of your short putts.

However, tour players as well as average recreational and weekend golfers could improve their putting by using these golf putting tips.

It is called the Locked-In Putting System™

Before going into these golf putting instructions  to stroke short putts by using the Locked-In Putting System™ allow me to say there are two traditional ways to stroke a putt.

One golf putting instructions suggest to take the putter blade straight back on the aim line and then straight through on the ail line. This method does not allow the putter head to rotate to the inside of the aim line on either the back or through stroke.

Another traditional way of stroking a putt is to allow the putter blade to rotate to the inside of the aim line during the back and through stroke.

Instructors and players alike have long debated which golf method produces the best results.

The Locked-In Putting System™ neither takes the putter head straight back and through nor rotates the putter head to the inside of the aim line during the back and through stroke.

Instead, it allows the putter head to slide inward and backward, like a sliding door, on the back stroke. It nonetheless returns the putter head perfectly square to the ball at contact with the ball.

When using the Locked-In Putting System™ for short putts, you must grip your putter handle squarely. This means you must grip your putter so it lies in the lifeline of your left hand and also lies effectively in the lifeline of your right hand by lying on the middle finger of your right hand which, in turn, lies squarely on the left-hand lifeline.

Once you have assumed a correct grip on your putter, you must place your putter head squarely behind your ball on your aim line.

Then it is a matter of locking your left elbow against your left rib cage without allowing the putter head to move.

It then just becomes a matter of keeping your head perfectly steady (a must), keeping your left elbow anchored to your left rib cage and stroking the putt.

When performed correctly, your putter head will slide inward and backward and return perfectly square to your ball at contact. If you have established a correct aim line you can count on your short putts falling squarely into the cup, one putt after another.

These best golf lessons will definitely improve your game and cause you to hole more short putts.

You can find more information about the Locked-In Putting System™ at http://lockedinputting.com.

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