August 6, 2020

Golf Putting Instructions: Learn How to Map Greens You Frequently Play

golf putting instructions One of the best golf putting instructions is to learn how to map greens on courses you frequently play. 

The obvious reason why it is one of the best golf putting tips to map such greens is that it will significantly improve your golf game and lower your scores if you have the knowledge to know how each of your putts will roll.

When Tiger Woods was at the top of his game, one reason why he was able to win tournaments– even when he was not on his “A” game—was that he could read greens better than any of his opponents.

One of these reasons why Tiger Woods seemingly was able to roll his putts dead straight into the cup on each green was that he had “mapped’ each hole on the respective course over a period of time.

He knew the break of every hole. He knew the nuances of each hole

Tiger Woods mentioned this in a recent article in Golf Digest. Mapping each green of the courses you regularly play is one of the best putting tips, ever.

You too should “map” each hole on your home course and other courses you regularly play.You can record your “mapped” notes for each hole on a pad and even have your notes uploaded to your computer and, perhaps, to your I Phone.

Your best notes will result from your practice rounds. During your practice rounds you should have the time to draw an outline of each green, meaning the configuration of the green as well as the specific slopes at different points on each green.

You should continue “mapping” each green while playing the course with fellow players. You should make mental, if not written, notes from the way your fellow players putts” role.

Mapping out greens remains one of the best golf putting instructions.

By mapping each green of the courses you regularly play and referring to your notes before stoking your putts you should significantly improve your putting and appreciably lower your golfing scores.

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