November 26, 2020

Golf Putting Instructions: Use Your Putter Head As A Reference

golf putting instructionsOne of the most significant challenges associated with golf putting instruction is how far to take the putter head in your backstroke in order to roll your ball a precise distance to the cup.

The difficulty in determining the amount of backstroke is there are but a few ways to reference how far  back you should take your putter head  in order to roll your ball  different distances on the green under the same conditions.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of golfers are not even familiar with the limited golf  method to determine  the amount of backstroke  that is nessary to roll a ball to different distances on a putting green.

One technique is to use the length and width or your putter head as a measuring tool to determine the amount of backstroke to roll your ball to different distances, allowing for such conditions as the slope and grain of the green.

Certainly, any such measurements must  be specific to individual greens but through some dedicated experiments, such measurements can be attained and then put into your memory bank for future referencing. This is one sure way to improve your golf game.

For example, suppose your experiments confirm that it would be necessary to take your backstroke the length of two putter heads to roll your ball 10 feet on a relatively fast green.  Then you would know the next time you were faced with the same distance from your ball to the cup and , under the same conditions, you would need to take your putter head back the same amount.

You would simply place your putter head length-wise directly behind your ball and measure two putter head lengths back. You would then mark such point by something noticable on the green at that spot such as a discolored blade of grass, etc.

You also  may use the inside sole of your back shoe  to mark the  reference spot.

For instance, suppose your expriments show that you need to backstoke your putt  three lenths and one width  of your putter head to roll your ball 20 feet on a relatively slow green.

You simply would use  the length and width of your puttter head to measure the amount of backstroke you would need for such distance and then move the inside of your right foot to that point in assuming your stance to your putt.

My preferred way to reference the amount of backstoke needed to roll a ball a certain distance under the same conditions is my Locked-In Putting System™ in which I lock my left elbow in a specific manner to my left rib cage for short putts and my right elbow to my right rib cage for longer putts.

Golf putting instructions about how to perform my Locked-In Putting System™ are now available on DVDs at

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