September 25, 2020

Golf Putting Instruction: Observe The Putts Of Your Partners And Opponents

the best golf swing instructionsSome of the best golf putting instruction is to observe the break and pace of other golfers in your group, whether partners or opponents.

This golf putting instruction is particularly significant when your ball is in the vicinity of the ball that is putted before yours.

You should pay close attention to the pace of the putt as well as to the break of the putt.

Especially when it comes to long putts, the pace of the putt is critical.

You may read the break of the putt perfectly but if you roll it past the cup 20 feet, although on perfect line, it will be a challenge putting back to the hole.

Making a 20 foot putt is not all that easy, not even for professionals..

Thus, when it comes to long putts the pace of the putt is more important than the break of the putt unless there is an extreme break.

This is not to discount the break of the putt.

However, by observing the putt of other members in your group whose ball is near yours and, putted before yours, you should be able to negotiate the break better than the pace. This should help improve your golf game dramatically.

I recently heard one on the Golf Channel instructors suggest that you should try to roll your ball several feet outside the apex of your aim line rather than directly over the point of the apex.

I consider this to be a golf method of putting because how much you should roll your ball outside the point of the apex, if any, will depend on the extent of the break of the putt.

Notwithstanding, by observing the amount of break allowed by a fellow member of your group who has a ball in the vicinity of yours and, who putts before you, it should provide you with the best information as possible about the break of the putt.

Follow this golf putting instruction and you should improve your golf putting skills and lower your golfing scores.

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